A Genius Writer’s Random Workplace

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After working as an assistant writer for 6 years, Kim Jinwoo couldn’t endure the mistreatment any longer. In the end, he boldly threw the script at his boss’s face and resigned! The aftermath? Well, it’s either the talk of the town among high schoolers during the girl group music bank commute or while watching it live… Here I am, being a legend with this story…
Suddenly, a status window appears before me, and a hilarious drama story pops up in my mind! Yeah! With this ability, I can debut as a drama writer too! But… the place to write is randomly assigned?!
Associated Names:
Genius Artist’s Random Studio, The Genius Artist’s Random Studio, 천재작가의 랜덤 작업실
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A Genius Writer’s Random Workplace Color
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Alternative Genius Artist's Random Studio, The Genius Artist's Random Studio, 천재작가의 랜덤 작업실
Type Manhwa
Released 2023
Author n/a
Artist n/a
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