Am The Heiress Of The Villain Family

Read manhwa Am The Heiress Of The Villain Family / 악당 가문의 상속녀입니다 / I’m the Heiress of a Villainous Household
Ten years since I reincarnated as an extra in a novel. On the day the homeowner grandpa who raised me passed away, I was visited by the notorious Noble family ‘Velasco.’

“His excellency, the late Duke Velasco, has bequeathed all the assets to Miss Katisha.”
“The late Duke…?”

Are you saying that grandpa was the Duke ‘Velasco’?!
Brief joy at inheriting a vast fortune, but ‘that’ Velasco Duchy won’t leave me alone, as I’m unrelated blood to them!

“No, I refuse…”
“Except for inheritance tax, you may take the cash, personal vault at the central bank, and all other assets under the name of Velasco.”
“I will be leaving now!!”

Since it turned out this way, I shall protect my money till the end!
I, who risks my life for money, no. 1 materialist.

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Alternative 악당 가문의 상속녀입니다
Type Manhwa
Released 2023
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