Couple, How Far You Can Go?

The real daughter appeared, and ‘Juha’ became the fake one.

In an attempt to escape her prison-like home, she goes on a blind date, and that man appears.

“When would you like to set the wedding date?”

Juha’s heart wavers at Sahyun’s bold advances, but…

“Sis, I want that marriage.”

Her younger sister, who took everything from Juha, now says she wants to marry Sahyun.

Couple, How Far You Can Go? Color
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Alternative 부부, 어디까지 가능해?
Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa
Released 2024
Author Lee Yusu, Tae Soyeong
Artist Sikkeus
Serialization Naver Webtoon (Naver)Naver Series (Naver)
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