Divorce is the Condition

Read manhwa Divorce is the Condition / 이혼이 조건입니다 | 카카오웹툰
Divorce is the Condition
“Choose. Will you leave this place alone, leaving the child behind…
Or will you marry me and stay with the child?”

After a fiery night spent with a man who happened to save her life, a night that seemed abnormally intense.

A single day’s mistake comes back with a tremendous price.
“I’m pregnant.”
Rosena, who had been hiding and raising her child, abandoned everything.

After 7 years, the empire she returned to had changed in many ways. But wait, my child’s father is the mad third prince?”

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Alternative 이혼이 조건입니다 | 카카오웹툰
Type Manhwa
Released 2023
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