Even though you know it’s crazy

Read manhwa Even though you know it’s crazy / 미친 짓인 줄 알면서도 / Even though I know it’s crazy
“Do you want to sleep with me?” “No limit on the number of times.” A daring proposal, a bold acceptance, this is how it all began. Cha Jeong-mu, the sole heir of Venus Group, and his capable secretary, Min Seol-ha. “It feels so good, I could go insane.” The night, driven by instinct alone, dug deeper and deeper, leaving a profound imprint on their hearts. “How well do you think you know Min Seol-ha?” Even in the moment, when the reality was wielding a knife against his throat, he was unable to come to his senses. “Let’s cover it up.” Even though they knew it was a crazy thing to do.

Even though you know it’s crazy Color
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Alternative 미친 짓인 줄 알면서도
Type Manhwa
Released 2023
Author n/a
Artist n/a
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