I Raised My Husband Wrong

From a young age, Levertisha, who was thirsty for blood on the battlefield, was called by many names, like “Bloodthirsty Killer” and “Mad Dog of the Battlefield.” After the war ended, she received a marriage proposal from a duke, but the person was… “Who are you? Go away.” How could my marriage partner be a child?! After going through the twists and turns of events, she still ended up getting married, but during a mission, she found herself trapped in an unknown space, and, when she finally got out, 10 years had already passed. But… “Now stay with me, Letty.” Where did my baby-like little husband go, and why is my grown husband obsessed over me?!

I Raised My Husband Wrong Color
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Alternative 남편을 잘못 키워 버렸다
Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa
Author Whiwol
Artist Darabit
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