I Will Live as a Supporting Role in This Life

Lisia recalls the memories of her previous life when she suffered in the Korean entrance exam, aiming for the first position. ‘Forget everything, I will live my life only for me.’ A life of a supporting role that is no longer in the spotlight! However, it is difficult to live quietly as a supporting character both in appearance and in abilities, because she is so extraordinary! After entering the academy, I tried to live like a shadow with no presence as much as possible… I keep getting involved with men that everyone is paying attention to. From the prince in the guise of a friendly rogue, to the most popular man at the Academy, Casanova, to his expressionless expression, but from his motives, who seem to be hiding many secrets. ‘Please leave me alone!’ I want to live quietly!

I Will Live as a Supporting Role in This Life Color
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Alternative 이번 생은 조연으로 살겠습니다 • Ibeon Saengeun Joyeoneuro Salgetseumnida • 此生只想當配角 • ชาตินี้ฉันขอเป็นแค่ตัวประกอบ • Ibeon Saeeun Joyeoneuro Sargessseubnida • Thus I Promised to Live My Life as an Extra • 今世は脇役として生きていきます • Lysia Tries the Quiet Life • 今生我要当配角 • I Will Live as a Supporting Character in This Life • I Will Live This Life as a Side Character • L'art discret de la réincarnation
Type Manhwa
Released 2023
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Chapter I Will Live as a Supporting Role in This Life