The Princess Blooms as a Crazy Flower

Read manga The Princess Blooms as a Crazy Flower / 황녀, 미친 꽃으로 피어나다
It’s been a year since I pretended to be crazy to find a way to stop this marriage.
“Your Majesty! I really want to get married, as a representative of the nation!! If the Aizen Empire doesn’t work, send me to Vladimir Kingdom! I heard the king will be there today today and tomorrow, so I want to get married there and live happily ever after!”
“Your Majesty must not send that madness, Your Majesty!!”
That’s right! I finally heard it!! I really like the tune. Just listening to it drives me crazy.
* * *
The best way to live in peace and comfort! I even planned to marry Caesar Bethel, who was said to be the most handsome man in the empire.
Something is strange.
“Fight me.”
Yes, that’s not it.
* * *
In addition, even the Crown Prince, who has no conscience:
“Walk with me, Melody.”
He is really friendly because of the way he treats the younger brother he has never shared with.
“Isn’t that ridiculous even if you think about it yourself?”
I want to live a peaceful and comfortable life, but is this okay?
* *

The Princess Blooms as a Crazy Flower Color
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Alternative 황녀, 미친 꽃으로 피어나다
Type Manhwa
Released 2023
Author n/a
Artist n/a
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Chapter The Princess Blooms as a Crazy Flower


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