Tiger Cub

Read manhwa Tiger Cub / Baby Tiger / 호랑이 새끼
Kim Daye has become a successful actress in her own right. One day, she is invited to a party by a famous director. At the party, she is confronted by a tall, muscular man. “Noona, it’s me.” “What?” “It’s me.” He introduces himself as Ji Taeho, the neighbor who used to live next door. But she can’t seem to remember him, it’s as if he’s been wiped clean from her memory. Daye promises to get in touch with Tae-ho, but then inevitably forgets. “Noona, why haven’t you contacted me?” A few days later, the embarrassment strikes again. Daye apologizes and agrees to have dinner with Tae-ho. Expensive sogopchang! They get drunk, brag about their small successes, and she somehow ends up inviting Tae-ho inside her house…? ‘That’s crazy. The ball is there for you to hit it, if you won’t then you can’t call yourself a hitter.”

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Alternative 호랑이 새끼
Type Manhwa
Released 2023
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