Want You Like Crazy

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“Do you want to disappear without knowing a mouse or a bird?“
Yoon Hae-soo, CEO of an investment company, and Chae Ji-seok, who have been a resident of general surgery for three years.
The first meeting between the two, which was only complicated by one injection, was simply bloody.
“I don’t think I’m scared.“
a distance narrowed without hesitation enough to mix a secret breath
What the hell is this guy?
I thought it was a relationship that would end like that.
“Yoon Hae-soo will fulfill his duties as Chae Ji-seok’s wife for the next two years.“
The man who thought there would be nothing to do with it again
Until I came to see myself with a nonsense contract.
“I fall in love and can’t be discerned. Let’s try that with me. Very childish.”
A low-pitched voice mixed with languid breathing pours over seawater’s head.
“What the hell are you doing to me?“
“I don’t want anything. What you’re asking is that I’ll give you a grain of dust on the shadow.
What I want. Just give me one thing.”
“… … Well, what is it?
The seawater’s eyes turned to him, and the sea-like eyes of a cloudy day
The slowly falling gaze of Specta, Philip, was persistently.
Gara, the , the , the , the eyes of the , the , gradually headed to the lips of the seawater as if it were the , and it was gradually the , and, the span of the seawater, the , the lips of the seawater.
I didn’t think I knew it without saying it. What he wants to do crazy.
Associated Names:
Madly Desired, Mariage à cœur ouvert, 狂おしいほど求め合う, 미치도록 원하는
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Want You Like Crazy Color
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Alternative Madly Desired, Mariage à cœur ouvert, 狂おしいほど求め合う, 미치도록 원하는
Type Manhwa
Released 2023
Author n/a
Artist n/a
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