Doppio Senso

Read manhwa Doppio Senso / 复仇女的双重面孔 / 도피오 센소
Nothing tastes sweeter than revenge, and Lee Eunha is dying to get a bite. Following the assassination of her father by rival thugs working for Noh Hyungchul, a distraught Eunha takes his place in the Serim Family gang, eager for a chance to bring down the man responsible. That opportunity comes when she is asked to infiltrate the life of of Shin Kyunghyung; Hyungchul’s right-hand man masquerading as an executive at Yongsung Family’s puppet company. A thrilling tale of deception and seduction unfolds, with Eunha willing to do whatever it takes – and become whoever necessary – to follow through with her mission. But as the femme fatale weaves her web of lies, will she lose her sense of self along the way…?

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Alternative 复仇女的双重面孔 / 도피오 센소
Type Manhwa
Released 2023
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Chapter Doppio Senso