I’m Here to Destroy

I’m Here to Destroy / I have come to destroy / 파괴하러 왔습니다
Born as the almighty god of plants, but falsely accused of being an evil deity that will destroy the world and imprisoned in an isolation cell for 200 years.

Elijah, who became addicted to melodrama and novels while locked in his room, escapes to the human world and possesses Roselita Derman, a dying marquis.

He thought that human life would be easy with dramas and novels, but things don’t go as he pleases.

Roselita didn’t commit suicide by drinking poison!?

To clear the name of Roselita, who is as miserable and unjustly accused as he is, he must find out the truth, even if it means breaking things here and there.

“Aak! Who are you, really?!”

“Me? I’m the fairy of the mallet who protects love and justice.”

And he’s going to have a fateful love that he’s only seen in dramas and novels!

“No one will ever point fingers at you again.”

The Derman family, especially his uncle Benjamin, can’t stand it even if I move a finger.

Damn it. This is the first time I’ve felt this kind of affection!

“You like my face. Look at it slowly, I won’t allow it.”

And to top it all off, the broken-down crown prince is my fiancé…?

What about my romance? My fateful love!?

A refreshing cider-bursting girl crush romance fantasy by the Munchkin Goddess.

I’m Here to Destroy Color
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Alternative 파괴하러 왔습니다
Type Manhwa
Released 2023
Author n/a
Artist n/a
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